Sunday, September 28, 2014

But What If We Get Caught?


     July 27, 2007, the day I did something stupid and reckless…

                “Serena, the boys want us to go outside with them. They want us to sneak out,” Blair whispered.

            “I don’t know… your grandma is sleeping. What if she catches us? What if my parents find out? What if we get in a lot of trouble?” I whispered.

            “Serena, you need to stop worrying.  Dan just texted me saying everything will be okay. It’ll be fine…”

            I have to admit, I’m glad we met up with the boys. They were fun to hang around with. Friends just hanging around were enjoyable. We weren’t doing anything bad, I can promise you that. Just 5 friends sitting outside.

            It’s now 3am. I am freezing and I have to pee. I am scared that Blair’s grandma will wake up any second. She could catch us, I was starting to freak out. I’ve never done anything bad.

            The door was right in front of me. I turned the knob and went straight to the grandma’s room. I saw her laying there, I called her name.

            “Honey, what’s wrong?” the grandma asked.

            “I feel like this is wrong…but I needed to tell you. Blair is outside with boys. We snuck out the window because we didn’t want you to hear us. Its 3 am and I just…oh my god why am I telling you? I am an awful friend I don’t—“I wasn’t able to finish my sentence.

            Blair’s grandma walked towards the back door. She saw Blair with the 3 boys. Blair is in a lot of trouble.

            “Excuse me, its 3 am… WHY ARE YOU OUTSIDE WITH BOYS? YOU’RE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE.” The grandma yelled.

            “I…I am sorry… WHAT THE HELL, Serena??!  Why would you rat me out? I thought we were best friends? Go pack up your things and leave. I don’t even know what to do right now.” Blair said.

            The thing is, I really don’t know why I told. It felt both right and wrong. 7 years later, I still feel guilty. Blair has never trusted me again. We aren’t even friends. I’ve never done anything like that ever. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Nicole Nagle
September 18, 2014
Class: C
Am I Dreaming?

As the concert ends, the two girls walk over to the VIP table.  They pick up their VIP passes, free t-shirt, and bracelet. #VIP. Serena and Jenny are about to meet someone they look up to. Someone they adore. Like OMG. They were about to meet Taylor Momsen.

It’s 12 am on a Wednesday. Both girls have to wake up for school at 6 am. But like who cares, they were meeting Taylor Momsen. #toofab4u. They wait patiently in line while waiting for Taylor and her band to come out. They waited for like 7 years. Serena was tired. She really wanted to go to sleep. She also just really wanted to meet Taylor then get some food. Jenny was exhausted. UGH. She was also very excited about meeting her idol. 
"Serena, i'm peeing.. I'm so excited!" Jenny yelled.

Minutes later, they are next to meet Taylor. Bodies numb, smiling wide, they walk towards Taylor.
We've been waiting 110 days for this! I can’t believe it’s happening!” Serena said.

“Wow 110 days is a really long time,” one of the band members said.

“My father made these bracelets that say ‘Zombie’ on them. I have one and Serena has one. We made one for you aswell Taylor,” Jenny explained.

Taylor took the bracelet and saw ‘Zombie’ imprinted. Zombies were the name of her bands’ (The Pretty Reckless) fans.
“WOW, this is so awesome! I love it!” Taylor said excitedly.

“I also wrote you a letter because I like wanted to tell you everything that you have like done for me,” Jenny said.
Everyone was smiling. Serena and Jenny were so happy. Like everything was perf. Everyone posed for the picture. Serena went in-between Taylor and one of the band members. Jenny was hugging the other band member.

“Now that we have matching bracelets, we are soul sisters!” Taylor smiled.

As they walk away from the band, Jenny starts to cry. She can’t believe that just happened.  The girls walk to their car, still in shock.

“Serena, she called us soul sisters!!! OMG I CAN'T, I CAN'T” Jenny screamed

“Did that just happen or am I like dreaming?” Serena asked.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Do I Look Okay? (midterm)

Nicole Nagle
September 18, 2014
Period: C

Light purple: added/edited

           Everyone has at least one thing that they are scared of. Some people are scared of animals, bugs, or even people, while other people are scared of death, growing up- you know- adult things. Then, there's those afraid of heights and such. Then, there’s me. I actually have a pretty horrible fear of seeing schoolmates in public. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I don’t even understand it myself.

          One day, my father and I were driving to a shoe/shirt box. I don’t even remember what it was called because I was busy not caring. Anyways, we arrive to the mysterious box. My father asked me to help him carry bags of clothes to drop off in the box. We are in the middle of town, people might SEE ME. I can’t risk that. What if I’m in an ugly movement? What if my hair looks bad? What if someone noticed me and tells their friends they just saw me. No, no we can't have that. I can’t even start to explain how weird this is.

          It’s so awful, that I don’t want to leave my own house. When my father asks me to get the mail, I usually run to the mailbox and back to the door. If I see a car coming, I either hide behind my car or run faster to my house. I don’t want anyone to see me. The worst is when I’m asked to do yard work. My life is so difficult, why can’t I just stay inside so I don’t have to see anyone. I mean, isn't that what basements are for? To be in the dark, watching Netflix and eating cheez-its.

          I also have another embarrassing thing I hate about myself. I have this problem where I need my hair to always look good. If it doesn't look perfect, then honey, we have a problem. My face also has to look normal. I NEED to look decent whenever I go out. What if I am super ugly, like 
2007 Britney Spears ugly? I go out, and see someone from school that I know? That would be a nightmare. I don't want some cute guy to see me with my hair a mess. He would think I look like that all the time. 

          Now that we know those embarrassing facts about me, let’s talk about how I will probably never get married. I care so much about how my makeup looks. I will probably never be comfortable enough looking normal, with a guy. If my husband ever saw me without makeup, he would probably end up filing for a divorce. I would live on the streets and be homeless. At least my hair would look good. Besides that, I would die alone. I can’t help it.  

          Whenever, I am home then I don’t really care about my appearance. If I take one step outside of my house, I shall look decent. If my hair doesn't look good or I’m not wearing makeup…well actually let’s not imagine that. Just look at your thumb, that’s what I look like. An ugly, stupid thumb is what I see. If I put up my thumb next to my face, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

          Next time you see me, please notify me if my hair looks okay. It is very important to me. Hopefully one day, my fear of seeing people from school in public will end. As if right now, I will continue to hide. Oh by the way, if you see me running away or hiding in public, don’t be offended. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


The talented artist began to walk towards the stage. She notices her band member getting ready to blow the fans away. She loves him. They’ve been close for years and she has fallen in love with him.
She loves his jokes. Sometimes she doesn't understand, but she laughs. She is in love with his laugh. Whenever she is sad, she thinks of his laugh. His laugh is her medicine. She loves the way he puts everyone first. He makes sure she is alright before thinking of himself.
There was plenty of days where the singer wanted to share her feelings. She wanted to tell him everything. But, how she thought. Would he feel the same? Is it worth it?
Years later, she’s trying on her wedding dress. Yes, it was worth it. As she was slipping into her dress, she was remember that moment she told him her feelings. She remembers the rush through her body. She remembers the smile on his face. She took a risk, and luckily it was a good one.
As she walks down the isle, she looks up at him. Her love. He has the biggest smile on his face. This is the happiest day of her life. She still can’t believe it. Her family and her soul mate all there. She never thought this would happen.
For their honeymoon, they visit the Upper East Side, of New York. They both love new york and didn’t want to spend that much money on their honeymoon. Every moment was magical. From their laughs to their nightly walks. Everything was perfect.
One morning, the singer wasn’t feeling well. She woke up and went straight to the bathroom. She had no clue what was wrong. She thought maybe she was pregnant. She was excited about that, she has always wanted a family. He ran to the drug store, and bought a test. They waited a couple moments. She walked out of the bathroom with a smile on her face. They were having a child.
They would always bet if it was a boy or girl. If it was a boy, they would name him Chuck. If it was a girl, Jenny. Or Little J, for a nickname. The moment came, 9 months later. A boy named Chuck was born on June 27, 1987.
As her fairytale continued, they bought a huge house. Since they started a family, they need the space. They now, have 2 more kids. Jenny and Blair. They also got a dog, named Monkey. The former singer and band member couldn’t be any happier.