Friday, December 19, 2014

Fan Fiction

Gossip Girl & Mean Girls
MG-      GG-
Aaron: Chuck
Gretchen: Vanessa
Cady: Jenny
Regina: Blair
Janis: Georgina
Karen: Serena
Damien: Nate

same point of view

Jenny: (Talking to the audience, dramatically.) I just moved here from China. My new home is in Brooklyn, NY. I've learned about New York in a book. It's famous for that big tree and homeless people walking around, right? I live in an apartment with my brother, Dan, and my father. Tomorrow is my first day of school. EVER. I was home schooled in China. I am not prepared for tomorrow.

Scene changes to the next morning. Dan getting ready for college. The father, Rufus, making pancakes. 

Rufus: Jenny, wake up! School starts in 40 minutes. Your pancakes are getting cold.

Jenny: Dad, do I really have to go? I'm scared. I've never done this before.

Rufus: You will be fine, now eat your pancakes.

Jenny quickly eats and rushes out the door. She lives 3 blocks away from the school.  So, she decided to walk on her first day. She gets to school, stares at the large, old building.

Jenny: (Thinking in her head.) Oh god, what are these animals? People are lighting paper on fire. Some are straight up eating uncooked hot dogs. Are these people okay? Is this normal for new yorkers?

Scene changes from outside of school to lunch. Jenny looks around the cafeteria. Some strange girl and boy start to wave to her.

Georgina: Hey, you're the new girl right? Come sit with us!

Jenny: uh, okay.

Georgina: It's Carrie, right?

Jenny: Jenny, actually.

Georgina: Oh right, well this is my friend Nate. He's actually gay don't worry.

Nate: Excuse me, no one can call me gay. I don't know. Only Georgina calls me gay.

Georgina: No, Nate, everyone does.

Jenny: (In her head.) What the hell? These people are so weird, everything is so weird.

Nate: So Jenny, how was your first day?

Jenny: It's been okay. I tried to go to the bathroom once, and the teacher was mad at me. I was so confused. Why aren't I allowed to go to the bathroom here?

Georgina: Did you ask for the bathroom pass?

Jenny: What is a bathroom pass?

Georgina: Wow, you have a lot to learn. Where are you from that they don't have bathroom passes?

Jenny: I was born in the United States, but I moved to China when I was two.

Nate: Oh, look here come the plastics.

Jenny: The what?

Nate: The plastics-

Georgina: Basically, the plastics are three life size barbie dolls. There's Serena who is dumb as a nut.

Nate: Last year, she asked me how to spell orange.

Georgina: And there's, Vanessa. She thinks she is the big deal because her daddy invented toaster strudels.

Nate: The reason her hair is so big is because it's full of secrets.

Jenny: And who is that one?

Georgina: That my new friend, is Blair Waldorf. Queen Bee of the school. She has dated every member of the football team. But, she's so rude. Everyone wants to be like her, but not her personality.

A guy walks in, behind Blair.

Jenny: And who's that? He's really cute.

Nate: Oh no sister, don't go there. That's Blair's boyfriend, Chuck.

The bell rang and lunch was over. Jenny waved to her somewhat new friends and walked back to class. 


Blair: Hey new girl sit with us!

Jenny: (In her head) Wait, is she talking to me?

Blair: Come here! Sit with us!

Jenny decided quickly to sit next to Blair and her two friends. She thought maybe she would give them a chance.

Blair: I totally love your bracelet.

Vanessa: Yeah, its so fetch!

Blair: Stop saying fetch,'s stupid. So, what's your name, new girl?

Jenny: My name is Jenny, and you're Blair right?

Blair: Cute, and wow I must be so popular because you already know my name.

Jenny: uhh okay.

Chuck: Hey babe, who's your new friend?

Blair: Hi Chuck, this is Jenny. She's new.

Chuck: Nice to meet you. Listen, after school me and the guys are going to the soccer fields to practice before our big game.

Blair: Alright sweetie, have fun with your guys.

Chuck kisses Blair then leaves the room. 

Vanessa: Where did you move from?


Serena: If you're from China, then why aren't you Chinese?

Blair: God Serena, you're so stupid. You will have to excuse her. She's a bit slow. I just got an idea!

Serena and her friends huddle and whisper.

Vanessa: We want you to sit with us, hang out with us, shop with us, and be our friend.

Blair: What ya say?

Jenny: Umm, well, okay.

Blair: YAY! okay now we need to tell you some rules.

Jenny: Rules?

Vanessa: First, never wear a tank top two days in a row. Second, only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week. Third, don't wear hoop earrings, ever. Fourth, ex-boyfriends are off to friends. Just follow these rules and you can be friends with us.

Serena: Oh, and on Wednesday we wear pink.

Jenny: (Thinking to herself) There's rules to friendship? Do I even own any pink? This is gonna be torturous...

Sunday, December 14, 2014


I’m here to talk about today’s fashion. It’s really important for everyone to know the 411 about clothes. First of all, I want everyone to know do not wear jean with jean. DO NOT. If you plan to wear a jean jacket when you’re wearing jeans, that aint pretty. Do you really want to look like Britney Spears in 2001 at the American Music Awards? She worn jean everything, and people are still talking about it today.

Now that’s out of the way, I’ll list some basics. If you want to wear leggings or yoga pants, do not wear underwear that shows the lines. Honey, no one wants to see those Fruit of The Loom heart shaped grannie panties. People will notice. Next, when wearing a dress, make sure you are wearing the right shoes. Don’t wear a nice dress then wear vans or converse. You’re trying to look nice, with the shoes it just looks…wrong. But, if you don’t have any other nice shoes then you do you honey. It’s up to you.

Lastly, I want to talk about makeup. When girls do those cute winged eyeliner, it looks nice. Then, there are those girls who make their eyeliner too thick. Girl, you look like a panda attacked your face. Some girls just put on the worst makeup. They will cake themselves with foundation. Some will put on the craziest eye shadow, that doesn't even match with anything. Then, there’s those girls who wear obnoxious red lipstick to school. You’re in school, why are you wearing lipstick?! Who do you think you are? Only Taylor Swift can rock red lipstick. Do you want to look like a Barbie doll?  I’ll gladly help you with your makeup. It’s not a good idea going to school looking like Dracula.  

If you get offended by my advice, I’m sorry. These are just things that I don’t think are pleasant. XOXO, Nicole. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Spoken Word

Do not wear a jean jacket when wearing jeans because people will talk about you.
When the person next to you asks for a pen, don't give it to them. You will probably never see that pen again.
If your parents tell you not to be friends with someone you should listen to them. They can see fake friends before you.
If your friend is wearing the same thing as you, try not to choke them. Just don't talk to them for that day.
If you had the choice to study for a geometry test or to go to a party, go party. Polynomials and angle pairs won't matter in the future.
When putting on makeup, make sure your winged eyeliner looks perfect. Or you will look like a panda/bat.
Always ask your siblings before wearing their clothes. You wouldn't want to end up in a fistfight with them.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Beautiful Eyes

The human face is impeccable.
A nose to accept scents around,
the mouth to insert delicious taste,
eyebrows have no actions,
marks upon the face create character.
But, the most beautiful thing to a face,
the eyes.
The eyes are pure and unique,
eyes are a faces prize.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A Limerick usually consist of five lines, with a strict rhyme scheme (AABBA). Which is sometimes contained with humorous intent. The first, second, and fifth lines are usually longer than the third and fourth. 

There once was a beanpole named Reese
He loved a fat woman named Maurice.
She was overweight,
Loved red velvet cake.
And Reese grew morbidly obese.

Free Verse


This time of year gets colder.
Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming.
the leaves are getting older,
the birds have stopped humming.
football games will start to take place
pumpkins will be present to my face.

1) maybe more better words to use. Removal of some words

This time of year seems colder.
Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming.
the leaves are presently older.
the birds have stopped humming,
football games will take place.
pumpkins will be present to the face.

2) Removal of more words. Statement are broken up then go into longer statements. Longer statements to represent how the leaves are getting older.

The time of year seems
Halloween and Thanksgiving are
the leaves are presently older.
the birds have stopped humming.
football games will take place.
pumpkins will be present to the human face.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


The voice. The voice is special. The mouth opens and a beautiful voice is heard. The voice opens up peoples eyes. It's strong. Strong enough to cause tears. The voice is raspy. Raspy enough to keep listening. It's powerful. It's power can lead to beautiful things. The voice is something we wish we all had. It leaves you speechless.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Angry Letter

Dear Janelle,
          I understand that I'm your older sister, so you look up to me. That doesn't mean you can do

everything I do. You copy everything I do. It drives me insane. If I'm wearing my combat boots, then

you're wearing yours too. Literally Janelle, STOP. Oh my gosh, everything about you annoys me.

You try so hard to be funny. Lemme tell you a little something, honey you aint funny. You think

you're so cool when you copy me. You aren't, at all. Also, I hate when you take my clothes without

 asking. There's been so many days where I'm looking for a shirt, and you're already wearing it. NO

JANELLE. Did I say that you can wear it? Probably not!! Then If I ask you to wear something, you'll

say no. C'MON JANELLE. UGH, you're so annoying. You make me so mad that I want to rip my

hair out. Another thing, fix your hair. You always leave it gross. I would help you, but you're rude.

Anyways, I still sometimes love you. 

PS) please ask for my clothes next time. Or I'll be really mad.

- xoxo, Nicole

Monday, October 20, 2014

Timed Prompt

It was Christmas Eve. Fog stuck to the tarmac at Lindbergh Field. It was only morning, the sun isn't out yet. My plane has arrived to its destination. I grabbed my bags and left my seat. The plane ride was almost 12 hours long. I just can’t wait to see my wife and kids.

I took a cab from the airport. My house was seventeen minutes away. I hope I surprise everyone. I can’t wait to see all the Christmas decorations. The tree that my beautiful wife put up. All of the presents for my kids. This is my favorite time of the year.

At 7:23 AM, I finally made it home. The Christmas lights outside the house looked lovely. I opened the door quietly. The tree looked amazing with all the lights and ornaments.  All the decorations were set up. The stockings were lined up on the fireplace. The  My family was still asleep. I decided to make breakfast. Pancakes and eggs for my little girls, Melissa and Holly. An egg sandwich and hash browns for my wife. I can’t wait to see their faces.

I heard my kids run down the stairs, my wife after them. The room was filled with screams of excitement. My dog gave me lots of kisses, I hugged everyone tightly and kissed my wife. These are the moments I live for.

“Daddy! Daddy! We missed you so much!” Holly yelled.

“I missed you girls even more. You girls got bigger and look so beautiful!” I said

"John, I thought you weren't suppose to be home until February! Oh my gosh, this is a lovely surprise. I am so glad you are back honey." My wife then kissed me.

"I wanted to surprise you guys!!" I explained.

I haven’t seen my kids and wife in eight months. My name is Lieutenant John Bass. I served in the Vietnam War. Now, I don’t need to go back. I’m done. I can now watch my little girls grow up. I can attend school plays, games, and activities. I can wake up to my best friend every single day. I can take the dog on daily walks. I missed these days.

“John, babe, thank you so much for the breakfast. I've missed you dearly. I love you so much.” My wife said to me.

“Daddy, I don’t want you to go back to war. War is bad. Stay with is.” My little one, Melissa started to say. 

“Don’t worry, darling, I’m not going anywhere for awhile.” I said with a smile. 

PS: My story and the authors concerns aren't the same. Hers talked about violence. Which my story doesn't have at all. My story is happy and heart warming. She said that almost all her students wrote about death and violence. When reading this prompt, not everyone writes about violence. Also, no terrible things happened to my protagonist. In fact, it was the opposite of terrible.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two Sided Date (midterm)

                On October 14, Nate asked Taylor to hang out. He went up to her, and simply asked the question. She smiled in agreement. The date was planned for Saturday, at 7PM sharp.
Light purple: added/edited

                I am so nervous for this date. I have never been on a date before. What do I wear? How do I wear my hair? Should I change my makeup? Do I wear jeans or a dress? This is so hard. If I wear jeans, will he think I dress carelessly? If I wear a dress, will he think I’m taking this too seriously? If I wear my hair up, will he think of me as a little girl? What kinda shoes should I wear? Wait, does that even matter? Oh god, why am I so nervous? 

                I hope everything goes well tonight. But, I have a confession… I only want to be friends. I am interested in another girl. I was only hoping to hang out as friends. I only asked her out to make it up to her. She’s never been on a date, so why not. I hope she doesn't think this is serious. I hope these sweatpants are alright. 

                I've been at Nate's house for an hour. It's kinda awkward. We're just sitting at the table, eating pizza. He's wearing sweatpants...I decided to go with the cute dress. I totally shouldn't have worn this. This doesn't even feel like a date. Oh god, what if it's not? I am so stupid.

               Taylor has been here for about an hour. We haven't talked a lot. It's so awkward. She's wearing a nice dress, she looks cute. But, I only asked her here to hang out. She probably thought this was a date. I'm here wearing sweatpants, I feel bad. I mean, I don't want to be anything more than friends...

               Wow, I'm not enjoying this at all. He probably thinks I took this too seriously. He asked me if I wanted to watch a movie. So, I said sure. It's better than sitting here and not talking. We're now watching a stupid horror movie. I hate these types of movies. To make it more awkward, we aren't even sitting on the same couch. I sat down and Nate sat in a chair. Okay?

               I asked Taylor if she wanted to watch a movie. I felt like this afternoon has been really awkward so I thought a movie would help. I picked a great horror movie. She doesn't seem too thrilled though. I sat in a chair. I thought if I sat next to her, then she might try to cuddle up to me. That wouldn't be good.

              The movie finally ended. Thank god. It was awful, too scary for me. I told Nate that my mother texted me to go home. That's a lie. She actually texted me to be home by 11. He walked me outside, to my car. I told him thanks for the great afternoon. Which was another lie, it wasn't a great afternoon. Then, I went to go hug him and he gave me a handshake...A HANDSHAKE... I just got friend-zoned. I came over here, all cute hoping to impress him. I thought he liked me? Why would he even ask me out on this date?

             The movie was so good! It's like the seventh time I've seen it. After, Taylor told me that her mom wanted her home. So, I walked her to her car. Just trying to be a nice friend. She went to give me a hug and I hesitated. I suddenly gave her a handshake instead. I know it was stupid, but it wasn't a date. Wow, why did I even ask her to hang out?

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Unforgettable Birthday (midterm)

Note: A drunken father and his daughter are sitting at the dinner table. The daughter is talking about her day. The drunken father just wants more beer. Today is a special day for the daughter. The father has no clue what today is… Father: Chuck | Daughter: Jenny

Light purple: added/edited

Jenny: So, today in English, my teacher was explaining how to use commas. Like dad, I am in 11th grade…people don’t even know how to use commas. Isn't that funny?

Chuck: People in your school are stupid. I almost need another beer.

Jenny: Yeah, I agree. In math I got my test back. And I got a 96%! I was the highest in the class.

Chuck: Wow how not interesting.

Jenny: Dad?! This is great news! Whatever.  At least I thought it was great news.

Chuck: You want to know what great news is. I bought 4 six-packs of beer yesterday. Now, that’s great and exciting.

Jenny: Wow, great for you. You deserve an award.

ChuckHey, young lady!! Don’t talk to me like that…the sass is not needed.

Jenny: (whispering) Yeah neither is all the beer.

Chuck: What was that?!

Jenny: I didn't say anything…

Chuck: That’s what I thought. You know, if you're mother was here, we wouldn't be arguing all the time.

Jenny: Well we all know who's fault it is that she isn't here.

Chuck: It isn't my fault that she fell in love and ran away with the milk man.

Jenny: Whatever, anyways…how was your day?

Chuck: Um alright, I slept the whole day so

Jenny: Aren't you going to ask me how my day was??

Chuck: No because I don’t care. Go grab me another beer.

Jenny: Do you even know what today is? 

Chuck: Yeah, it’s Thursday… now go get my goddamn beer.

Jenny:  Yes, its Thursday…October 9th…Do you know what October 9th is?

ChuckOh yeah, it’s like Columbus Day or something?


Chuck: Of course I remembered, I was just kidding with you. Listen to me I was only-

Jenny: -No you weren't! You forgot… I can’t believe this. You can’t even remember your only daughter’s birthday. All you care about is your beer. I can’t stand it. You have no life, you’re pathetic, and an awful father.

Chuck: Listen, you do not talk to me like that! I am the parent. You are only a child. I can do whatever I want.

Jenny: Dad, did you even buy me a gift? You know I've been wanting those concert tickets! They're all I have been talking about. I wanted to go so badly, everyone is going! 

Chuck: If you keep up this attitude, there won't be no concert. Now, do you really want to be grounded on your birthday?

Jenny: No dad, I don’t care anymore…I am leaving.

Chuck: Oh yeah? Where are you going to go?

Jenny: Anywhere that’s not here.

Jenny slammed the door. She walked straight to her car and sat there. She started crying.

Jenny: This has been the worst birthday ever. 

As she stopped crying, she noticed a box sitting in the passenger seat.

Jenny: Wait, I've never seen this box before...

She opened the box slowly.

Jenny: (reading the card out loud) Dear Jenny, it's your 16th birthday!! I can't believe my baby is growing up. I hope you like your gift, kiddo. There's one ticket for you, and a ticket for a friend! I took work off the night of the concert, so I can drive you. Love, Dad.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Feedback To Peers

Abby M., Unreliable Narrator; I really liked how the beginning started. It grabbed my attention and made me want to read more. The story line is also very interesting. You have a creative mind :) ps, i liked the story where you used 'Jenny Blair' as a name

Colleen M., Self-Deprecation; I liked the whole story because I can relate to 99.9% of it. It's really funny too! I agree that you can't see a movie only once, you have to see it at least 7 times to understand it all!! The ending is my favorite, soo funny! You're a great writer :)

Jessica N.,  Unreliable Narrator; one of my favorite stories because I am one of the characters. It's a good story and is very interesting. The only thing I disliked was, you called me dumb at least 4 times. I get better grades than you in math..ok. I also loved the title, 3 AM. It is very creative :) xoxo, N.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

But What If We Get Caught?


     July 27, 2007, the day I did something stupid and reckless…

                “Serena, the boys want us to go outside with them. They want us to sneak out,” Blair whispered.

            “I don’t know… your grandma is sleeping. What if she catches us? What if my parents find out? What if we get in a lot of trouble?” I whispered.

            “Serena, you need to stop worrying.  Dan just texted me saying everything will be okay. It’ll be fine…”

            I have to admit, I’m glad we met up with the boys. They were fun to hang around with. Friends just hanging around were enjoyable. We weren’t doing anything bad, I can promise you that. Just 5 friends sitting outside.

            It’s now 3am. I am freezing and I have to pee. I am scared that Blair’s grandma will wake up any second. She could catch us, I was starting to freak out. I’ve never done anything bad.

            The door was right in front of me. I turned the knob and went straight to the grandma’s room. I saw her laying there, I called her name.

            “Honey, what’s wrong?” the grandma asked.

            “I feel like this is wrong…but I needed to tell you. Blair is outside with boys. We snuck out the window because we didn’t want you to hear us. Its 3 am and I just…oh my god why am I telling you? I am an awful friend I don’t—“I wasn’t able to finish my sentence.

            Blair’s grandma walked towards the back door. She saw Blair with the 3 boys. Blair is in a lot of trouble.

            “Excuse me, its 3 am… WHY ARE YOU OUTSIDE WITH BOYS? YOU’RE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE.” The grandma yelled.

            “I…I am sorry… WHAT THE HELL, Serena??!  Why would you rat me out? I thought we were best friends? Go pack up your things and leave. I don’t even know what to do right now.” Blair said.

            The thing is, I really don’t know why I told. It felt both right and wrong. 7 years later, I still feel guilty. Blair has never trusted me again. We aren’t even friends. I’ve never done anything like that ever. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Nicole Nagle
September 18, 2014
Class: C
Am I Dreaming?

As the concert ends, the two girls walk over to the VIP table.  They pick up their VIP passes, free t-shirt, and bracelet. #VIP. Serena and Jenny are about to meet someone they look up to. Someone they adore. Like OMG. They were about to meet Taylor Momsen.

It’s 12 am on a Wednesday. Both girls have to wake up for school at 6 am. But like who cares, they were meeting Taylor Momsen. #toofab4u. They wait patiently in line while waiting for Taylor and her band to come out. They waited for like 7 years. Serena was tired. She really wanted to go to sleep. She also just really wanted to meet Taylor then get some food. Jenny was exhausted. UGH. She was also very excited about meeting her idol. 
"Serena, i'm peeing.. I'm so excited!" Jenny yelled.

Minutes later, they are next to meet Taylor. Bodies numb, smiling wide, they walk towards Taylor.
We've been waiting 110 days for this! I can’t believe it’s happening!” Serena said.

“Wow 110 days is a really long time,” one of the band members said.

“My father made these bracelets that say ‘Zombie’ on them. I have one and Serena has one. We made one for you aswell Taylor,” Jenny explained.

Taylor took the bracelet and saw ‘Zombie’ imprinted. Zombies were the name of her bands’ (The Pretty Reckless) fans.
“WOW, this is so awesome! I love it!” Taylor said excitedly.

“I also wrote you a letter because I like wanted to tell you everything that you have like done for me,” Jenny said.
Everyone was smiling. Serena and Jenny were so happy. Like everything was perf. Everyone posed for the picture. Serena went in-between Taylor and one of the band members. Jenny was hugging the other band member.

“Now that we have matching bracelets, we are soul sisters!” Taylor smiled.

As they walk away from the band, Jenny starts to cry. She can’t believe that just happened.  The girls walk to their car, still in shock.

“Serena, she called us soul sisters!!! OMG I CAN'T, I CAN'T” Jenny screamed

“Did that just happen or am I like dreaming?” Serena asked.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Do I Look Okay? (midterm)

Nicole Nagle
September 18, 2014
Period: C

Light purple: added/edited

           Everyone has at least one thing that they are scared of. Some people are scared of animals, bugs, or even people, while other people are scared of death, growing up- you know- adult things. Then, there's those afraid of heights and such. Then, there’s me. I actually have a pretty horrible fear of seeing schoolmates in public. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I don’t even understand it myself.

          One day, my father and I were driving to a shoe/shirt box. I don’t even remember what it was called because I was busy not caring. Anyways, we arrive to the mysterious box. My father asked me to help him carry bags of clothes to drop off in the box. We are in the middle of town, people might SEE ME. I can’t risk that. What if I’m in an ugly movement? What if my hair looks bad? What if someone noticed me and tells their friends they just saw me. No, no we can't have that. I can’t even start to explain how weird this is.

          It’s so awful, that I don’t want to leave my own house. When my father asks me to get the mail, I usually run to the mailbox and back to the door. If I see a car coming, I either hide behind my car or run faster to my house. I don’t want anyone to see me. The worst is when I’m asked to do yard work. My life is so difficult, why can’t I just stay inside so I don’t have to see anyone. I mean, isn't that what basements are for? To be in the dark, watching Netflix and eating cheez-its.

          I also have another embarrassing thing I hate about myself. I have this problem where I need my hair to always look good. If it doesn't look perfect, then honey, we have a problem. My face also has to look normal. I NEED to look decent whenever I go out. What if I am super ugly, like 
2007 Britney Spears ugly? I go out, and see someone from school that I know? That would be a nightmare. I don't want some cute guy to see me with my hair a mess. He would think I look like that all the time. 

          Now that we know those embarrassing facts about me, let’s talk about how I will probably never get married. I care so much about how my makeup looks. I will probably never be comfortable enough looking normal, with a guy. If my husband ever saw me without makeup, he would probably end up filing for a divorce. I would live on the streets and be homeless. At least my hair would look good. Besides that, I would die alone. I can’t help it.  

          Whenever, I am home then I don’t really care about my appearance. If I take one step outside of my house, I shall look decent. If my hair doesn't look good or I’m not wearing makeup…well actually let’s not imagine that. Just look at your thumb, that’s what I look like. An ugly, stupid thumb is what I see. If I put up my thumb next to my face, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

          Next time you see me, please notify me if my hair looks okay. It is very important to me. Hopefully one day, my fear of seeing people from school in public will end. As if right now, I will continue to hide. Oh by the way, if you see me running away or hiding in public, don’t be offended. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


The talented artist began to walk towards the stage. She notices her band member getting ready to blow the fans away. She loves him. They’ve been close for years and she has fallen in love with him.
She loves his jokes. Sometimes she doesn't understand, but she laughs. She is in love with his laugh. Whenever she is sad, she thinks of his laugh. His laugh is her medicine. She loves the way he puts everyone first. He makes sure she is alright before thinking of himself.
There was plenty of days where the singer wanted to share her feelings. She wanted to tell him everything. But, how she thought. Would he feel the same? Is it worth it?
Years later, she’s trying on her wedding dress. Yes, it was worth it. As she was slipping into her dress, she was remember that moment she told him her feelings. She remembers the rush through her body. She remembers the smile on his face. She took a risk, and luckily it was a good one.
As she walks down the isle, she looks up at him. Her love. He has the biggest smile on his face. This is the happiest day of her life. She still can’t believe it. Her family and her soul mate all there. She never thought this would happen.
For their honeymoon, they visit the Upper East Side, of New York. They both love new york and didn’t want to spend that much money on their honeymoon. Every moment was magical. From their laughs to their nightly walks. Everything was perfect.
One morning, the singer wasn’t feeling well. She woke up and went straight to the bathroom. She had no clue what was wrong. She thought maybe she was pregnant. She was excited about that, she has always wanted a family. He ran to the drug store, and bought a test. They waited a couple moments. She walked out of the bathroom with a smile on her face. They were having a child.
They would always bet if it was a boy or girl. If it was a boy, they would name him Chuck. If it was a girl, Jenny. Or Little J, for a nickname. The moment came, 9 months later. A boy named Chuck was born on June 27, 1987.
As her fairytale continued, they bought a huge house. Since they started a family, they need the space. They now, have 2 more kids. Jenny and Blair. They also got a dog, named Monkey. The former singer and band member couldn’t be any happier.